Vampire Diaries Inspired Vamp Tutorial | Vamp Eye Veins!

Vampire Diaries Inspired Vamp Tutorial | Vamp Eye Veins!

Vampire Diaries is hands down one of my all time favorite tv shows! I didn’t want to go with the completely typical “vampire look” with the completely pasty white skin and jet black hair with the super olden time accent.

Vampire Diaries just nails the sexy vampire look!

My favorite parts of this look:

  • Definitely the vamp veins. Ahh, I’m fan-girling just looking at myself.
  • The blood drips. Oh yeah, you can’t go without a little bit of blood. And the good part is it’s still a little sexy. Creepy-sexy, but still.
  • The dark smoky eye with the hint of red under the eye. I wanted to bring in a really sexy eye with just a hint of blood lust.

Halloween is sneaking up on us! I know a lot of you have already been celebrating Halloween all weekend. We actually just threw a Clue Party at our house this weekend and everyone got completely decked out and had so much fun!

YouTube Tutorial

I did a lot of research on the song that I chose for this video and I had a ton of fun putting together this video to try to make it look very “Vampire Diaries”-like. Enjoy!

I’m still getting the hang of things with this little blog of mine. I’m slowly but surely growing! Thanks for all of the support and for reading 🙂




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