Clue Party

Clue Party

There was Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Mr. Green, Miss Rosie Posie, Miss Black, Lady Lavender, Detective Grey, Mr. Black, Mrs. Gold, Madame Grey, Mr. Teal, and Mr. and Mrs. West!

It was so much fun because everyone got completely decked out and into character throughout the game!

Some of my favorite details of the party

  • Josh’s hat! It’s seriously so awesome. It’s a steampunk hat that we got at Halloween City!
  • Josh surprising me with these gloves. He’s the sweetest hubby ever!
  • Everyone getting decked out and having fun
  • The “spookiest treat” contest (Breanna won with the puking pumpkin spinach dip!)
  • My brain jello was also pretty “spooky”!
  • I loved my Halloween Banner that I got from Zurchers
  • Mrs. Peacock winning the game! Good job Kirsten!

Game Results

Who did it: Miss Rosie Posie

Where? In the Garden

Weapon: The Revolver!

More details on how to play soon to be updated!

Miss Scarlett’s Outfit

Like I said, I will be updating this post asap about the details and rules of the game and how to play! Josh and I made this game from scratch and it turned out great!

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