Celebrating Halloween with Friends

Celebrating Halloween with Friends

Easy Last Minute Witch Costume

If you’re looking for a last minute costume in the future, my witch costume was beyond easy!

All you need:

  • any witch hat
  • a striped dress with black tights OR a dress with striped tights
  • black boots
  • this makeup look(dark lips, fantasy lashes)
  • optional: a cool temporary tattoo! I chose a snake because that’s kind of a witchy thing to do 💁🏻

Halloween Night Highlights

 Dinner with the parents to Olive Garden, dressing up with creative last minute costumes, doing Aubrey’s kitty makeup(thanks Aubrey!), doing Josh’s eyeliner and hearing him cry about how makeup hurts(lol now he knows what girls go through), Dr. Slaughters with Braden and Aubrey, laughing about Dr. Slaughters after we were done, and going back to the house to watch scary movies!

Sounds like a successful Halloween to me!

Happy Halloween!




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