February Romance- Two Valentine’s Day Looks♡

February Romance- Two Valentine’s Day Looks♡

Hello sweet ladies! Oh my gosh Valentine’s Day is such a cutsie time of the year and everyone is dressing in pink and decorating and giving valentine’s– love is just in the air this time of year! Whether you are part of the 14% of women who send themselves flowers for V-Day or you have a hot date, you want your look to say dayyum mixed in with a little bit of awwwww!

I came up with two looks for you guys!


This first look is more of a simple look that you can kiss your man in with a dash of sultry(wait is this cooking instructions or makeup??). As usual all products and video are listed below!

 LOOK #2

I unfortunately didn’t get to taking pictures for this second look… (who knows why) but! Here is my video as usual and you can everything there!

This look is more girly and pinky-ish! Pink lips and pink eyes.

Thanks for coming by my makeup drawer and I hope you have a great day!




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