Baby Shower Feels + DIY Glitter Donuts

Baby Shower Feels + DIY Glitter Donuts

DIY Sparkly Donuts

What you need:

  1. Edible Glitter Dust
  2. Glazed Donuts
  3. A tray or parchment paper
  4. A knife


Place the donuts on the tray or parchment paper. This will catch any excess fall out. Carefully sprinkle glitter dust over donuts. Sprinkle approximately a teaspoon or two to each donut (I just eyeball it). Smear dust with knife in a circular motion going along the natural shape of the donut.  

Tip: The edible glitter dust works a lot better if the donuts aren’t wet. Make sure to grab a box that looks like the glaze has gone a little crisp.  


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