4 Fun Things to do for The 4th of July!

4 Fun Things to do for The 4th of July!

4 fun ways to celebrate the 4th of July- click for patriotic recipes, crafts, and activities!Hello all you patriotic ladies! The Fourth of July is by far one of my favorite holidays. My birthday is on July 1st and so it’s like a celebration all the way through! (Birthday posts coming soon😉!)  I love celebrating the Fourth of July. I’m super patriotic, so I love going all out! There are so many ways to celebrate, but sometimes I just need some inspiration on some things to do. It’s so fun to stick with traditions, but maybe you want something new this year. Some of the things listed are classic must-do’s and others are little creative!  I rounded up 4 fun things to do for the 4th of July this year!

4 Fun Things to do for The 4th of July

You see what I did there? 🤓

1 | Eat American Foods

What better way to celebrate America by eating the best true American foods?! Plus it gives you an excuse to have a cheat day.🙃 My mouth is just watering thinking about all of the delicious food to come!

Here are a few yummy things to eat on the day:

I-Hop Berry Berry Banana French Toast

So, technically French Toast isn’t “American”, but it’s Patriotic if you put strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and powdered sugar on them to make red, white, and blue! You can totally go to I-Hop and get this, or just make some yourself!

Cherry Galette with Cookie Butter

Mmm! Isn’t this so cute for the Fourth? Rachel from Lipstickandgelato.com created this All-American cherry deliciousness for you guys. Find the recipe here.

Mini Ketogenic Strawberry Cheesecakes

Boy, do I love cheesecake! Yvonne from thehealingspoon.com made this red, white, and blue cheesecakes that look divine! Find the recipe here.



This is so classic and something I personally look forward to every single year. Grilling takes me back to my dad at the grill, flipping burgers and steak and hot dogs. Good times! If you don’t have a grill(or are just too lazy this year) do the next best thing and buy a burger! Nothing says American better than some good meat.

4 Fun things to do for the 4th of July

2 | Craft

Making some crafts for the 4th can be a great way to bring the family together and have some fun!

Patriotic Mason Jars

Teresa from Simplymadefun.com tells you how to make these adorable Patriotic Jars! Check them out here.

4 Fun things to do for the 4th of July! fourth of july crafts

Land of the Free Decor

This is awe-mazing and only takes 20 minutes! Check out another craft from Teresa’s blog here.

3 | Dress Up in RW&B

Getting an outfit together for the 4th is an awesome way to show your patriotism! Wondering what you should wear? Girl, I got you covered! Or… my girl Janie and Nina do!

Outfit Guide

Nina from bloomingboldly.blogspot.com has a perfect 4th of July style guide to get those outfit ideas rolling! Check it out here

Hair and Outfit Idea

My sister, Janie, from thebombshellinitiative.com, has the cutest 4th of July outfit and hair post! Find it here

4 | Fireworks

Good: Watch the fireworks in your city. Better: Buy your own. Best: Do both!

And while you’re out there celebrating this holiday, try your best to be with your family! America is founded on principles such as the family, and we need to keep that strong- plus it’s more fun that way! This year it’s just me and Josh, but  do what you can to have a good time celebrating and remembering those who’ve died for this country.

 I want to give a big thank you to all the bloggers who were willing to link up with me in this post! You guys rock!

I hope that you guys found some inspiration! How are you celebrating for the 4th?

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Happy 4th!





  1. Christie
    July 3, 2017 / 11:20 pm

    Such a cute post! I’m so excited for the 4th too. It’s my favorite holiday and I’ll definitely be using some of these things tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. Janie
    July 4, 2017 / 1:02 am

    such a cute idea to collab. Love everything about this post!

  3. July 4, 2017 / 4:56 am

    We always have burgers and hot dogs as a family on the 4th! I love getting together and enjoying great food for the holidays.

  4. July 5, 2017 / 3:14 pm

    Such cute ideas! We had so much fun on the fourth and did many of these things!

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