Baseball Date

Baseball Date

Hey guys! I hope your week went great. Now it’s time for the weekend!💃🏻 My week consisted of construction and watching Bachelor in Paradise. Who else watches this?? We have to make the most of these sweet summer days while we have the chance! Technically, the Autumn equinox starts on September 22nd but I go back to college on the 11th. While we’re in Alabama, we’ve been trying to squeeze in all of the things that you should do when one is in “Bama”. Our neighbors have been telling us that we have to at least see someone play in Bama, and since it’s not football season we decided to go on a baseball date! I feel like baseball games are among the perfect summer activities, though. If baseball hats, hot dogs, and cheering doesn’t say summer, then I don’t know what does!We had blast together going to the Birmingham Barons game!

I’m a fan of making lists, so I’ll share my favorite moments in list form. ⚾️🌭🎟👏🏼🍦

Favorite Moments of the night

  • This was the team that Michael Jordan played for(yes, he played baseball!)! So cool, right! I had no idea that he even had played baseball at all, but apparently he did at one point!
  • I had the cutest date who happened to wear a Yankees hat to another baseball teams game(luckily no one booed us lol).
  • We ate some yummy food! Baseball food is always the best. It’s the experience that counts for me. I got a super yummy pretzel with cheese dip and Joshy got a hot dog with sour crawt. Then later on in the game, when the score was still 0-0, Josh brought us back some cones. And he had already pretty much eaten his by the time he got back!
  • Our team lost 0-1, but we still had a blast together!

We’re going to miss it Bama! We’ve been living here since the middle of February and here we are at September 1st! We will be packing up the car and heading back to good ole Idaho between the 6th and the 8th.

By the way, comment below what you’re doing to make use of summer while you can!





  1. Harriet
    September 1, 2017 / 11:53 pm

    Fun times. I’m happy you have had such a good time living in Alabama.

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