Christmas Party – Holiday Glam

Hello all of you gorgeous people! I finally get to say that this post kicks off my beauty website! This site has been long awaited my sisters. I hope to make this site one all of you makeup lovers will love coming back to again and again. Here I will be posting hot trends, plenty of sought out makeup reviews, in depth makeup tutorials, all sorts of makeup looks, and more!

Anywho. I had tons of fun putting this look together ♡ while jamming out to Jingle Bells and Santa Baby. I used 3 free samples that I got from Sephora. (Note: If you guys didn’t know, you can get free samples at Sephora of the products you would like to try to make sure a foundation matches your skin tone or just for funzies. Just go up to one of the ladies and they will help you out.) So part of this was testing out new makeup! If you want to see my reactions then go here.

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Lioness Halloween Makeup

Hey Halloweeners! I’m all about last minute Halloween costumes(check out my easy witch, vampire, and kitty Halloween tutorials). I wanted something fast and a super cheap costume(being poor college newlyweds and all), but somehow unique!…

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