Weekend Fun in Avondale

Hey hey! How was your weekend? Here in Birmingham, there’s actually a surprising amount of things to do! I thought it’d be fun to share about our little weekend fun in Avondale as we tried some new food and went to the movies!
So we were feeling pretty adventurous on Saturday, and we decided to really have a fun date night while trying out a new restaurant and a new ice creamery. I searched all over Pinterest(follow me on Pinterest btw!) where the best places to eat in Birmingham were. We decided that we were feeling pizza🍕 so we went to this place called Post Office Pies. It’s basically this pizza place that’s located right in like the “hip” area of Birmingham, which that part of Birmingham is called Avondale. View Post


What I Got For My 22nd Birthday

Hey guys, happy Saturday! I’m in the middle of finals this weekend and next week. So fun… I know. So, I thought in the spirit of finals week, I’d procrastinate and blog instead! 🙌🏼 (Honestly, I’m actually multitasking because I can’t really procrastinate my finals let’s be real here lolz). Something I’m always curious to see is what other people got for their birthdays/Christmas’s, so that’s why I’m sharing mine! Plus, if you’re looking to buy your friends a gift that are similarish age, then maybe you could get some ideas from here.👯 So today I’m showing you guys what I got for my 22nd birthday View Post


Celebrating Halloween with Friends

Easy Last Minute Witch Costume

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