5 Easy Hacks to a Productive Morning

5 Easy Hacks to a Productive morning and finally get crap done! with brittanyobarr.com

Hey guccies! It is bright and early this morning. Today we are going over 5 Easy Hacks to a Productive Morning!

Let me start out by saying, I am a night owl through and through. I love staying up late. Actually, I thrive in it. There is something about getting creative in the late hours and losing track of time, or just watching a good movie with your guy while throwing popcorn at each other. So I get it when you say, “Mornings are impossible!” or “How can I get anything done? I hate mornings!”. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. View Post


Welcome Back

Hello lovely people. I am finally back! If you’re new around here, then welcome! And if you’re a returning visitor, hey again! It’s great to see you again. It feels so good to be back. What do you guys think of my new blog set up? It’s absolutely gorgeous right? It was such a bittersweet process, but totally worth it.

Some of you may be wondering where brittanyobarr.com has been for the past month (going on two months? Ouch!). Well, I am here to tell you!

Some of you may know that I was switching my blog over from Sqaurespace to WordPress. And I just had the hardest time! Who knew that it would be such a long and grueling process? I thought it was going to take a day, maybe two. I completely underestimated the process… It was a lot of up super late, calling-every-help-line-I-could types of nights. But  I’m completely in love with my blog now, so to say I’m smiling would be an understatement.

A lot has happened

Since the blog has been down, a lot has happened. I have some posts on here during the Blog Disappearing Act. You can check them out by scrolling down the home page!

Also, I think that this was a good break for me. Not that I needed a break from blogging, but I think I needed some time to kind of find where I really wanted to go with my blog. I learned a lot of new editing tricks, and I have even grown as a writer in the past 30 + days.

I still did all of my videos and everything, but I feel like this time gave me that good look at myself that made things really clear of how I wanted my blog and my videos to work together. Videos can be a very very long process to put together. So it can actually become over whelming when you don’t have a balance of blog and videos and life and day job. Now I feel I really have that! And it feels amazing.

Upcoming Announcement!

So… Josh and I have an announcement coming soon. Keep your eye out on Instagram and the Blog to stay updated!

All in all, it feels so good to be back. You can expect a lot more lifestyle, beauty, and a bit of fashion posts two-three x weekly.

Thank you so much for being apart of my corner of the internet!




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Merry Christmas! 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas is such a magical time of the year. Some of my favorite things is sitting by the Christmas tree at night looking at the lights, hot chocolate, and being near and dear with family and friends. ♡

Today I decided to show you a a little peek into an O’Barr Christmas + a little makeup look.  View Post


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