Galentine’s with my Gals

Galentine’s with my Gals

February 13th. It’s a day for the ladies (and no boys aloud!), and I’d just heard of it this year! I mean, sure, I’d heard of “galentine’s”, but now there’s a whole day for it. Did you celebrate Galentine’s with your girls? If so, what did you guys do? *Gathering ideas for next year* Here’s a little recap of what I did with my gals for Galentine’s!

Pink Hair, Don’t Care

So, I died my hair pink! Well, my ends pink. Okay, it was temporary spray. It was a spur of the moment thing, and I just rolled with it. I’ve been contemplating actually doing my ends pink, so I thought I’d spray my hair and get it out of my system. I mean, I already had the pink hair spray can from when I almost was Harley Quinn for Halloween(then every girl was her, but I mean it’s seriously an iconic look so I can’t really blame anyone) so I figured I had to use it for something.

I used this Salon Perfect Temporary Hair Spray in the shade Soft Rose. It looked a little red in some lights, but mostly a pretty peachy pink color. This stuff stained my hands pink btw… haha but it rinsed off easily so that was good! It kind of made my hands look like how you might picture a pink holographic alien. It was super cool. (This photo doesn’t do it alien-justice.)

Hair the next day (with no wash). Mostly faded, but still cute!

Galentine’s With My Mom and Sister


We saw the movie Isn’t it Romantic! It was pretty funny. There were some funny moments, but not my favorite movie by any means. I did notice that other girls in the theatre were cracking up! Haha. But yeah it was pretty good! Janie and my mom thought it was good too. A fun one for Galentine’s!

I brought my polaroid camera along, because one of my New Year’s resolutions is to take more polaroid pictures this year. Haha I was trying to figure out a way to fit all of us in the photo while holding the camera (if you have one then you know that it really only fits two people unless you really get acrobatically creative). Anyways! A kind girl offered to take the picture!

A few ideas for next year’s galentine’s

  • Spa night where we do facials and paint nails
  • Watch Sixteen Candles and have a game night
  • Go iceskating
  • Muckbang on live stream
  • Anymore ideas? Comment below!

We had a great girls night! What did you guys do, if anything? Do you think you’ll celebrate next year? Is there anything you’d like to see from me on this blog? Share your ideas 🙂 I’m going to do a O’Barr Life Update again soon.

I’ll be posting about Valentine’s Day this weekend. 🙂 Check out last year’s Valentine’s post here!

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    Thanks for the nice article.
    Great read and great time girls night out Galentine’s

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    I always like your blog posts! Super great ideas btw…

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