Lioness Halloween Makeup

Lioness Halloween Makeup

Hey Halloweeners! I’m all about last minute Halloween costumes(check out my easy witch, vampire, and kitty Halloween tutorials). I wanted something fast and a super cheap costume(being poor college newlyweds and all), but somehow unique! Well, I have the perfect combo of cute, not-your-typical-costume, cheap, and couple costume coming your way!

The Lioness and the Safari man!

We had so much fun for Halloween this year. Josh was the Safari Man and  I was his Lioness. Good combo for such a last minute idea! We had fun celebrating with my cousin Erica and her man Brandon. They had a similar idea of being a Deer and a Hunter! I swear we didn’t plan it haha. Cousins just think alike I guess! We met up at Applebees and some wingsies. Then Josh and I won 3rd in their little costume contest they were doing! 🎉

Safari Man Costume DIY:

Josh was such a hunk of a safari man! I literally threw all of this at him five minutes before we left. This is truly a last minute costume if you want your husband to match your lioness costume. If you google search “safari man” you’ll get a lot of funny looking guys in khaki and Hawaiian shirts with binoculars and a round looking hat. For the easiest last minute costume just do this–

Top: Plain white shirt, khaki button up, or red Hawaiian shirt.

Bottoms: Khaki pants or shorts.

Accesories: Binoculars. I glued together two toilet paper cardboard rolls and attached a string for the easiest binoculars ever!

Then add whatever else you’d like such as a safari hat, round glasses, a water canteen, for some examples!

Lioness Costume DIY:

I mainly thought to wear brown long sleeves and longer pants/leggings are probably better because it’ll resemble more of the lions body, but you do you! You can add in the outfit or just do the makeup. Either way, everyone will know what you are!

Top: Long sleeve brown shirt.

Bottoms: Brown leggings.

Shoes: Brown shoes of any kind. I chose heels to spice the outfit up a bit.

Accessories: Brown thick string for tail. I just found a piece of brown string that usually ties around one of my shirts, and tucked it into the back of my leggings. For ears I put two little buns on my head. The makeup and hair tutorial is below. 🦁



I don’t exactly know where I got everything, but here are some fun alternatives!



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