My Shop is Now Open!

My Shop is Now Open!
In case you hadn’t noticed… my shop is now open!

And doesn’t everything look gorgeous?? I’ve been wanting to sell my art since I was a kid, so I’m so happy I pushed myself to do this! I have SIX gorgeous Mother’s Day cards listed! So much work went into these cards behind the scenes and I’m so happy how they’ve turned out. Each card is unique and gorgeous! Which card makes you think of your mom? Comment below!


I want to give a huge huge thank you to my sweet and wonderful husband Josh!! He has seriously been cheering me on and helping me with every possible thing he can every step of the way. Between coming with me to the print shops to get quotes and look at paper, and staying up way too late figuring out all the technicalities that go into running your own online store, he’s been right by my side! This wouldn’t be at all possible without him.

I also want to thank every single person who has bought a card, or two cards, or even six cards! Your support makes this all completely worth it! Thank you to everyone who has also shared my cards and complimented them! It’s so sweet of you guys. If you haven’t heard of the campaign “Just A Card” look up @justacard on Instagram and give them a follow and help support the cause(even if you’re not a small business!). What may you think is “just a card” is a shop owners happy dance, throw of confetti, confidence boost, and day maker! Join the cause and spread the word. We want to support small businesses and artists.

Shop For A Mother’s Day Card

Your mother deserves a card that is as beautiful and unique as her!

And hurry because it’s free shipping this weekend only! Use code: FREESHIP 📬.


How This Came To Be

I’ve been an artist since I was a kid. Drawing and doing art or anything creative has always been what I love to do. Sometime last year, I had a magical realization that I wanted to do stationery- greeting cards, art prints, wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc. And I really wanted to do it!

So, I picked a holiday that I thought I could meet the deadline to- Mother’s Day! And I did it!


In a future post I’ll talk a little about the process of making these Mother’s Day cards or greeting cards in general. There’s a lot more that goes into it than what meets the eye! And it’s so fun.

I’ve learned to enjoy the process then love the result! Don’t just try and skip to the product. (And vice versa– you also have to think about the end product as well.)

Get ready for…

  • Father’s Day greeting cards
  • Thank you card sets
  • Birthday greeting cards
  • And more!

All coming to my shop!

I’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts

How do you like my new shop? 🎉 How about the new revamped website? 😏 Hearing your feedback warms me inside! Once you order your Mother’s Day card, I would love to hear from you on how you and your mother enjoy it this May 13th.

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