Hello lovelies and happy Friday! Friday is for fun… so that’s why I decided to have some fun and go Kindergarten status and color all over my arm. If you have been looking for the swatches for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, then you are in the right place! I have a video at the bottom with an in depth review on this GORGEOUS palette.

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Hello ladies, it’s Tuesday! And you know what that means… I’m finally coming out with my double bun + makeup look pics! I did a video tutorial on this look.
So where in the heck did I get inspiration for this look?? Well! The makeup look is a typical Brittany look for sure. This hair is super trendy right now, but I actually got the idea from Cara Loren! I like how she did hers the best so… I wanted to recreate the best, lol.

Where should you wear this?

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It’s Tuesday so I thought I would post a look book of when I was testing out the e.l.f. Natural Lash Kit (find the in depth review here). Who knows why looking like a doggy is so cute? I love that filter on Snap (btw go and add me on snap @brittanyobarr) 

Since spring is blooming and it’s getting warmer, I wanted to do a look with more purpley tones. 

Hope you enjoy!



ps. Products listed at the bottom of the post.

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Happy Friday! I hope your week has been going fantastic. Who here are e.l.f. fans? Well if you are (and even if you’re not), today’s post is on the e.l.f. Natural Lash Kit. In this post I will be telling you all about the price and quality, application, look and feel, reusable or not, pros and cons, and what I rate these lashes. Okay let’s talk about price. You can buy them online at elfcosmetics.com for $2 or you can buy them at Walmart for only $1. I bought mine at Walmart. It’s obviously not a huge different in price (lol) but it is 

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On a night of sparkles your makeup should make you feel like you’re shining brighter than the stars of the night.

This is a quick little post! I wore this look to one of my best friends weddings and it lasted me ALL NIGHT, and I’m not even joking. AND it was a Mexican traditional wedding where you dance for hours on end until you sweat out all the energy out of your body… and somehow this makeup stayed!(And that’s what I was going for so… self high-five!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 

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