Recent Art + Just Saying Hi

Recent Art + Just Saying Hi

Hola mi amigas! (Can you guess who’s been practicing her Spanish?) I just wanted to sit down, share some of my recent art that I’ve been working on, and do a teeny little update.

It’s 2018. New year, new goals, and new things to come. ✨ (this is my fav. emoji btw- what’s your’s? comment it down below!)

As you guys know, I’m an artist! I recently opened up a second instagram account for my artwork under @brittanyobarrco, and haven’t announced it until now!  This is because I am going to start selling my artwork in the (hopeful) near future! I’ve always wanted to share my work with others and spread joy, and I’m finally getting the courage to start. I don’t have it all figured out by any means, but I do know a few things. I want to make my art available for others to enjoy, through prints, greetings cards, and more to come in the future. I’ll be selling here on my website and there will only be a limited amount of prints/art. I’ll announce on here as well as on my instagram when the shop goes live- time is of the essence! Once Brittany O’Barr & Co. is sold out, the shop will be closed until the next run.

I’m also working on something super top secret that I’m excited to share with you guys soon!(ooooh what could it be!?)

Josh and I are both off-track from school and are working. We’ve been relaxing and just enjoying life in general. 😊

*enjoying life pictured below*

Morning snuggles w @joshobarr ✨

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I’ll be sharing consistently, once again, here on but with a tad bit less pressure on myself. You’ll find heaps of my art as it comes week by week, splatters of life and things as the O’Barr’s know it (check out the O’Barr house flip reveal here), and adventures in the studio! I still love beauty, and will share things from time to time :).

*a handful of my recent art*

Some doodles by request tonight ✨Happy Friday!

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Here’s a playlist I made that I like to listen to while creating <3.

I’m so excited to share my journey with you guys- art, life, creativity, and all.




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