Shop Coming Soon!

Shop Coming Soon!

Oh my gosh, my shop is coming soon!!! I can hardly believe it. I’ve wanted to sell my art since I was just a little kid and I’m finally making it happen! My shop opens up next week, where I will be selling Mother’s Day cards. (And they are totes gorge!) I’m literally obsessing over with them. This is my very first time selling my art, so I am SO EXCITED. I’m finally doing this! This is surreal!

And I have to say, I think you guys are going to LOVE what I have for sale!

I’ll have at least four Mother’s Day cards available in the shop (I hope to get more but… we’ll see. Artist’s know how it is lol).

My website is also getting a makeover and it looks so good. Everything is revamped; the colors, logo, etcccc.

Will I be selling anything else?


But in the very near future… For this first go around, I am starting out with greeting cards to get my feet wet in having my own shop.

What else is coming to the shop?

Art Prints, other greeting cards, stickers, and eventually enamel pins, wallpaper, wrapping paper, and the whole works!

I’m so thankful for everyone’s support. Especially my absolutely wonderful husband who has been right there beside me every step of the way to help make this possible! And THANK YOU for everyone who wants to buy a card already. It really warms my heart(as cheeze as it sounds).




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