Wedding Road Trip + Eclipse

Hey guys! Josh and I have had an eventful couple of weeks! One of our best friends got married in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the famous 2017 Eclipse happened! 💫 🌙💐🎩 We also went to a Barons Baseball game, but that’ll be on the blog here in the next couple of days. Nothing says summer like a good ole’ road trip and a day the solar eclipse!

We took a few days off from the flip and drove all the way from Alabama to SLC, Utah! View Post


22nd Birthday Trip | Atlanta, GA

Hey hey! I’m 22(as of July 1st)🎉 There’s a lot of people who don’t love their birthday, but that is definitely not me! July is the best month in my opinion by far, and what better way to kick it off other than a birthday? Everything has been super busy over here at the O’Barr’s(check out the O’Barr Life Update to find out about our house flipping and other recent adventures), so I’m posting my birthday posts now after things have settled down. I thought I’d share our recent travels for my 22nd Birthday Trip! View Post


Birmingham, Alabama LED Tunnel | Travel Diary

Birmingham, Alabama LED Tunnel- Travel-

Hello beautifuls! Long time no see! Check out this O’Barr Life Update letting you guys know exactly why I’ve been MIA & stuff. 🤔 This is just a quick post about an wicked awesome Insta spot you’ve got to go to if you get the chance! It’s in Birmingham, Alabama and it’s called the LED Light Tunnel. What’s SO cool about this place is at night(and during the day too but it’s not nearly as cool trust me) the tunnel lights up with neon rainbow lights and they switch and dance around the ceiling, and they make for some of the coolest pictures and mini adventure too! View Post